Friday, February 15, 2013

Mechanical design and drafting

Mechanical design and drafting
The team at Hamilton By Design provide effective solutions for Mechanical Drafting and Detailing Services. We can produce industrial work shop drawing of mechanical parts with our wide range of drafting software.
Whether you require mechanical design, detailed drafting, 3-D models or transferring technical drawings to computer, all are performed to your company standards and specifications.
  • Shop Drawings.
  • Raw casting and machined components drawings.
  • Patent Drawings.
  • Steel Fabrication Drawings.
  • Fixture detailing.
  • Plant layouts.
  • P & ID drawings and weld maps.
  • On-site Drafting Support
Hamilton By Design offer a complete 2D to 3D conversion our parametric modeller accepts over 13 various cad formats that offer a similar number of export options.

Our 3-D solid models offer our designers complete control, through direct modelling techniques, dimensions drive the model geometry; changing dimensions changes the shape of the model. You can relate dimensions to each other in equations.

Furthermore, we offer the latest in 3-D Modelling tools which cover the complete design process—from design and validation to technical communications and data management. The intuitive design interface and integrated software work together and give you the freedom to focus on innovation. You can maximize the productivity of your design and engineering resources to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.

Predominately our 3D CAD software helps designers quickly become proficient 3D modelers and increases the speed to create and deliver designs, yet it also other functionality such as:
  • Studying component functionality.
  • Measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model using toolboxes.
  • 3D scanning and converting point cloud data to parametric cad models.
  • Material testing including, Metallurgical Testing includes chemistry, micro-structure, core/surface hardness, surface treatment etc.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Prototyping and physical testing.
  • FEA validations and commissioning.
  • Simulation technology speeds up prototyping and verifies your design
  • You can leverage 3D design data to quickly communicate complex technical details with animations and visual instructions
  • Data management software makes sure the right file version is available, avoids costly errors, and reduces the time spent searching for existing parts or designs by up to 40%

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Chute Design through DEM

Due to bad transfer chute design the reliability of belt conveyors not always is reflected in an increase in reliability for the overall plant. Improving the design of transfer stations requires observation and experience but increasingly it requires an improvement in the application of available technologies such as DEM.

The present requirement for higher annual throughput capacity in the iron ore industry generally demands higher design capacity and speeds for belt conveyors. Conveyor belt technology has advance to meet the demand. However the reliability of the belt conveyor at high capacity is not reflected in an increase in reliability for the overall plant.

In part this is due to the transfer chute, an increase in unscheduled downtime such as blockages and schedule downtime such as increase in maintenance requirements.

Improving the design of transfer stations requires observation and experience but increasingly it requires an improvement in the application of available technologies such as flowability technology and discrete element methodology. These technologies require test work on representative samples to determine the input data. Reliable data is required to predict outcomes such as the likely hood of blockage and predictable flow trajectory.
This article illustrates present knowledge and future potential for transfer chute design.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Virtual Cad - Design Drafting Resource

Hamilton By Design provide highly professional CAD drafting service. This 1st class drafting service can be provided in person or over the Internet.

CAD - Design Drafting of Structural - Mechanical - 3D Pipework

Our Internet freelance CAD drafting service completely operates out of Australia with all designs for the Australia market place with all projects conforming to Australia Standards.  Our Internet CAD drafting service offers practicable solutions to deliver projects ahead of deadlines.

The team at Hamilton By Design offer a flexible design drafting resource that ensures assembly and performance.
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Transfer Chute Development

Hamilton By Design - Mining Services Consultants,  model, develop and design transfer chutes for a range of bulk materials.  Furthermore our team offers practical designs that lend themselves to days manufacturing methods. Many of our past solutions have included bins, feeders, hoppers, hoods, spoons and gates.

If you planning a new transfer or upgrading an existing bulk material system Hamilton By Design have the team with depth of experience to resolve your design contrains. From a stock pile or a conveyor to conveyor or into a crusher / mill transfer move your stockpile. 

Hamilton By Design can develop a chute to meet your production requirements. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Chutes And Transfer Stations: Conveyor Design & Detailing

Chutes And Transfer Stations: Conveyor Design & Detailing: Hamilton By Design provide a range of design services for materials handling systems including custom design of purpose-built machinery, ...

Conveyor Design & Detailing

Hamilton By Design provide a range of design services for materials handling systems including custom design of purpose-built machinery, structural inspection, analysis, cost estimates, engineering and project management, for both new projects and existing plant upgrades.
Hamilton By Design can handle your materials handling.
Experience on Plants
  • Oaky Creek 
  • Christmas Creek
  • White Haven
  • United Collieries
  • One Steel - Whyalla
  • Orica - Lidell
  • Gold Ridge Mining - Mining Solomon Islands
  • Boddington Gold Mine
  • Comsteel - Newcastle
  • Bluescope Steel - Port Kembla
  • Orica - Kurri Kurri
  • ADI - Benalla
  • Ramset Fasterners - Croydon
  • Ramset Fasterners - Lonsdale
Past Projects have included
  • Conveyor design
  • Design of automatic equipment
  • Chute and bin design
  • Reclaim tunnels
  • Crushing and screening stations
  • Storage bins and stockpiles
  • Mechanical guarding and safety audits
  • Mobile stockyard machinery services and utilities
  • Project management

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Design Drafting Mining Projects

Site drafting projects, petroleum & oil industry drafting, plans & planning drafting design, oil industry drafting
Our aim is to produce cost effective drawings of the highest level of accuracy and quality to meet the needs for your company. We can accommodate virtually any project, from structural drafting to mechanical drafting design, piping drafting to 3-dimensional drafting and virtually any type of 2D drafting and AutoCad 3D services in between.

Hamilton By Design offer a range of design services including: Concrete foundations, slabs & equipment bases, Buildings, tanks, skid mounted equipment & other structures, Mechanical components & assemblies, Converting vehicles to run on rails, Under ground vehicles, Drill rig, salt harvesters & head frames drawings, Bore field works & pump stations, Water purification, potable water reticulation & sewerage projects.

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